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Since 1999, MITACS has played a leadership role in linking businesses, government and not-for-profits with over 50 of Canada’s universities to develop cutting-edge tools to support the growth of our knowledge-based economy.

Through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program, MITACS funds mathematical sciences research projects throughout the country, focusing on five key economic sectors: biomedical and health; environment & natural resources; information processing; risk & finance; and communication, networks & security.

However, our programs also focus on developing the up-and-coming generation of Canadian researchers through skills enhancement workshops, technical training events, graduate and post-doctoral internships and math outreach activities.

Through our graduate and post-doctoral internship program, MITACS has expanded its mandate to lead the country in the creation of internships in all industry sectors and academic disciplines. Whether in engineering, psychology, business, or medicine, MITACS ACCELERATE is Canada’s premiere program offering students the opportunity to apply their research to real-world issues.

MITACS Mathematics Outreach Program

MITACS has developed a comprehensive, national Mathematics Outreach Program. The goals of the program are to inspire kids’ interest in mathematics and the mathematical sciences, introduce them to interesting topics in mathematics, and provide them with the opportunity to develop their math skills in a fun setting.
The MITACS Outreach initiatives include the following programs:

MathAmaze/Math en Jeu - This free, online, multiplayer mathematics quiz game is aimed at elementary and high school students. The game allows students to challenge themselves with the interesting puzzle-type questions that they would encounter in mathematics contests. The game includes questions at many grade levels from mathematics competitions across Canada, so students can develop their math abilities using questions tailored to their skill level.
MathAmaze was developed by Mitacs with the support of the Université Laval’s Sciences et Mathématiques en Action (SMAC) team, headed by renowned mathematics educator, Université Laval math professor, Olympic commentator and TV host Dr. Jean-Marie de Koninck.

Show Math - is a live, multimedia stage show for high school students, which combines humour and skits to teach kids about math. The learning objectives of Show Math are supported by an educational resource kit for teachers that covers topics presented in the show, and a book written by Dr De Koninck, aimed at kids, which introduces students to the history of math, cryptography and probability. Operating since 2005, Show Math has been performed in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

For more information
For more information about MITACS, please visit: www.mitacs.ca
For more information about MITACS ACCELERATE, Canada’s premiere graduate and post-doctoral internship program, please visit www.mitacsaccelerate.ca
For more information about MITACS Outreach activities, please contact Roger Kemp at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

MITACS: Making research count



The Sciences and Mathematics in Action (SMAC) project is directed by Professor Jean-Marie De Koninck and supported by the department of mathematics and statistics of Université Laval.

The double mission of the SMAC project:

  1. Arouse and reinforce the interest of young people for mathematics and sciences
  2. Demystify mathematics for the population at large

The action of SMAC materializes into three main projects:
Show Math, an educational show about mathematics for young people and the public in general. Show Math has been represented over 70 times through Québec, Ontario, and New Brunswick since 2005.
MathAmaze / Math en jeu, an online mathematical game entirely free aimed as well at the general public as it is at students.
An educational kit, available in early 2009, containing:

  • Pre-Show Math: A Guide for teachers outlining ideas for course syllabus and exercises related to the various topics and features covered in the Show.
  • Post-Show Math: Practical guides for students and teachers providing a friendly survey of different aspects from the Show, as well as food for thought in the form of new enlightening material: quotes, historical anecdotes, exercises, paradoxes, games and challenges.
To reach its goals, SMAC counts on a team of over a dozen collaborators made up of mathematics, computer science, and education students, as well as university professors and researchers. SMAC also benefits from the support of logistic and financial partners including Université Laval and MITACS.

For more information
For more information about SMAC, please visit: www.smac.ulaval.ca


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