Written by Ricky Letovsky
Friday, 28 October 2011 15:53

1.What are the browser requirements?
Mathamaze works on all browsers for both PC and Apple computers. Both the game and website components utilize Adobe Flash, so you will need the latest flash player. Unfortunately, tablets and smartphones are not equipped with Flash, so you will have to play on your home computers. This is true unless you use ''Puffin'' as a browser. If so, Mathamaze will work on tablets and smartphones.

2. How do I get started?
Getting started is super easy! Just go to the top right of the website and register. Or if you are already a MathAmaze user, click on the "PLAY' Button. This will take you to the selection screen where you will be asked to select a room, then a table and finally a player. Once those stages are complete, you are ready to go!

3. Why can't I sign in? Or why won't the game launch?
Perhaps you have the wrong username or password combination. You may also have to check your computers settings and make sure you do not have pop-up blocker enabled.

4. How do I retrieve my password?
In the registration box in the top right of the website, click on the 'forgot login' link.

5. What is Mitacs?
Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit research organization. Through unique research and training programs, Mitacs is developing the next generation of innovators with vital scientific and business skills. In partnership with companies, government and academia, Mitacs is supporting a new economy using Canada’s most valuable resource – its people. For more information visit our website.

6. Is my information secure?
All your personal information is secured on our SSL MITACS servers, as evident from the https: in our URL.

7. What's the difference between Classic and Race Modes?
Classic Mode allows you to tour around the track and accumulate points and practice answering puzzles, while race mode means you are playing against your opponent and trying to get to the finish line first!

8. How do I find my classmates/friends?
Please stay tuned. This feature is in development.

9. Where do the questions come from?
All the questions are submitted by teachers, students and Mitac employees and are all based on the current BC Curriculum.

10. How do I know if the questions are at my learning level?
When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your grade level. The game takes this into account when it dishes out questions.

11. How do I submit content?
Under the about section of the website, click the 'contribute' link and follow the instructions. You can also send content to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

12. How long does it take to advance in the rankings in the Top 40?
It depends on your ranking. The closer you get to #1, the harder it becomes!

For more game related questions, please refer to the game rules page here.

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