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Thursday, 17 February 2011 14:24

Help Us Grow!
MathAmaze is looking to expand the content in the game! We welcome teachers and math enthusiasts to submit questions with solutions to enhance the game. With your help, we are creating a free resource, that includes curriculum links, for teachers across Canada to use in their classroom.

Can I contribute? YES! Anyone can contribute their own work to MathAmaze. We are looking for you to help us expand the game!

Why should I contribute? For the greater good of math education! You will be helping to make the game more fun by enriching its content. With your contributions, MathAmaze will turn into a resource to help teachers in the classroom. It is also a opportunity for your work to be recognized, since you will be credited on the game!

What should I contribute? Any question, that is your ORIGINAL work, that link to K-12 Mathematics Curriculum. You must submit the full question and solution.

What shouldn't I contribute? You shouldn't contribute work that is the property of others. Please only send in questions and solutions that you have creative license to submit. Your questions should contain full solutions and be connected to the Mathematics K-12 curriculum

How can I contribute? Send your original questions with solutions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Your questions can be in any form including word, pdf, LaTex and scanned piece of paper.

What happens to my work, once it is submitted? Your submissions will be reviewed by MathAmaze. We reserved the right to reject and modify any submitted content. If your content is accepted, it will be formatted and edited for the purposes of the game. You will be notified, once your question is integrated into the game.

Once you have submitted your content, it is the property of Mitacs Inc. and cannot be removed from the game.

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